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Chosen to live...

I was in the shower one day, and I was listening to "Alive" by Rich Tolbert Jr. This song was heavy for me... Why? Because it was during a time where I wondered, "God, why am I still alive??? I don't understand." I was sincerely confused about whether or not I had purpose within my life... and I was really talking to the Lord asking Him "Why?" and this wasn't because I wanted to die, but because I genuinely wanted to know and felt useless... Like what really could He use me for?

Of course God responded and do you know what He said??? It tore me up.

He said, "Because I CHOSE you to live!"

I was in complete shock... So you mean to tell me I do have purpose?! Simply because you chose me? It meant that He had great intention behind my life and me living it.

And because of that and knowing how much peace it brought me being reminded that God chose me, I created a shirt that has this declaration "Chosen to Live!" and serves as a reminder to you as well.

Click on the photo above to purchase! I know I'm not the only one that needed a reminder.

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