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Find Peace in Your Voice…

We're back‼️ It's been a long time coming, but we're back with #EPICMoments‼️

I want to preface this moment with where I've been. 2022 overall was a busy year, but the end of the year really did a number on me -- life was life-ing. There is a lot that I do and manage along with my personal life and I was trying to juggle all those pieces at one time with life being difficult in certain areas. That's just a brief summary, but now I'm back and learning to plan to prepare.

With that being said, I want to share this quick thought with you... I was in my prayer time one day and the Lord began to deal with me about hiding my voice. The main question He asked me was,

If faith comes by hearing, then what faith are people hearing when you change your voice?


How can you share your faith - belief & trust in action - in God when you modify what He gave you to speak with? That's saying "God, I don't like what you gave me" or saying "it would be better if it was like this." However, when you learn to walk in the voice He gave you, then things change and happen because you're operating in who He created you to be. Not only do things happens, others are able to experience God through you and worship is lifted unto God.

I encourage you to seek God regarding the areas you're trying to hide your voice & not show up in! It could be some cause of unrest...

Edit 2/20/23 @10:33am CST: For example, I work in a school and there are some children who have some challenges or are diagnosed with autism. One day, I was scanning classrooms to see which classes needed help completing their trimester testing. This particular day, I started not to go to a classroom because it was close to the end of the day and there were other things I could've been doing with that quick time. I felt a nudge to go into the classroom anyway so I did. (In this particular classroom, all of the children had a diagnosis of autism.) I walked in to inquire about testing and they informed me that it was a struggle because the kids that needed to be tested were having rough days. One was sitting in a chair with headphones listening to a story -- it was how they calmed her down. After a minute of sitting in the chair, she got up and literally climbed into my lap, laid on my chest and went to sleep. The teachers in this classroom were chocked because the story with this baby was that she didn't get much sleep at home because she just had a hard time sleeping and even though she was tired when she came to school, she still wouldn't go to sleep. But I came in and she instantly found me to be a safe place to fall asleep. This, to me, was indicative of the peace of God that I walk in. I KNEW God was present and this baby found comfort in His peace through me. The paraprofessional said to me "I thank God for you Ms. Tamia."

Now what if I had not went to that classroom? That baby would not have found rest that day and she slept until her parents picked her up from school. I minimized my influence - God's influence through me, my voice & my presence. I use this story to say, YOU MATTER! Your presence and your voice matters. Your voice is how you are known, found and what sends messages. Become comfortable with you so that the world can experience what's needed from God through you.

Remember to Always Be EPIC!

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