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Light From the East...

I was creating a design for the Spring Collection of EPIC and the idea I had was this 👇🏽

Nice, right? Well, originally I had a thought and visual image of a sunflower. I'm not really a flower person, but I do like sunflowers because they're yellow (the reason behind my favorite color now being yellow is a different story). Because it's the spring collection, throwing some flowers in the mix would be appropriate. I was going to add sunflowers to EPIC's spring collection in some way... As I was creating the design, I started wondering the significance behind sunflowers and how they related to peace.

I think everyone has heard about the sunflowers and how they follow the light. I did some research behind that and it turns out that isn't completely true. When sunflowers are in their infant stage, they do follow the light. However, when they are matured flowers then they just constantly face the direction of the east, being the direction of the sunrise. In my thinking, I resolved that we should always look to the east in expectation of the sun (Son) just as sunflowers do.

The east is the direction in which the sun rises and the direction in which Jesus is coming back from (Matthew 24:27). The purpose is that when we look toward the sun, we get everything that we need just as sunflowers. When we are babes in Christ, we follow in every which way, but as we mature in our relationship with Christ and we know who we are, we know exactly where to go to get what we need. We know to come boldly before the throne because we are His, we have access to Him, and no longer have to stand on the outskirts.

So today — I want you (as will I) to take the posture of the sunflower and stay turned to the Sun (Son). In this posture, you will find peace in Him.

#AlwaysBeEPIC #PeaceInTheEast #Sunflower

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