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No Perfection…

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

God really knows how to bring peace and let me tell you why I said that…

A few weeks ago, I was dealing with some residue of the opinions of people. I was worried that some of the things they said were true. Because their opinions played on some of my insecurities and flaws about myself, I truly reflected. The reflection lead me to a dark space. I found myself dwelling on these things…

”I’m not good enough… I’m not capable of that… they’re right, I’m too this & I’m too that… I still fail in that area… I haven’t mastered it… I don’t know what I’m doing…”

Of course I was venting to God and He was intently listening to me and I know this because of how He responded… He said:

“you weren’t made to be perfect, you were made to be perfected.”

That thing hit me because we spend so much of our lives trying to prove to others (and ourselves honestly) our perfection and hide our flaws, but the truth is that we were made to be perfected IN Christ -- constantly learned, growing, and processing with and through Christ -- and that alone gives us the peace & permission to just be.

He showed me a marble statue in a museum but in two different stages. In one stage, it was an un-chipped block of marble. In the other stage, it was what appeared to be a fully complete statue but He zoomed in on the hand of the statue -- though it looked completed when zoomed out, when He zoomed in on the hand, there were fine details being chiseled away to continue perfecting the masterpiece. These two stages were overlapping.

In those images, God was showing me that perfection is complete -- the un-chipped block of marble is complete, but there was no beauty in it... no image, no art work, no progression... nothing to show. There was nothing to appreciate, no value in it. But in what appeared to be completed statue, it was a work of art, even through the fine details being reworked as the chipping away was happening. There may have been flaws in the statue, but it was still beautiful as it was being made whole. The value of the statue increased because it endured the process of its making. The hand was the focus as it zoomed in and hands symbolize the work that you do... the work of your hands (Psalms 90:17). Though the statue was already on display and being seen, the artist still stepped in to fix and enhance it... God wants to do the same for you... IS doing the same for you. You don't have to already be perfect for anything that God calls you to do, but be willing and open to the perpetual process of renewing (Ephesians 4:21-24; Romans 12:2 [AMP]).

So take peace in the Lord as He is perfecting you because you weren’t made to just be perfect, but to be continually perfected IN Him‼️

Remember to Always Be EPIC!

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