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Stop playing games...

Let me tell y’all something... ya girl has been SKRUGGLING... okay?! I mean literally fighting for peace... yeah I said it, FIGHTING for peace. But the question is: why am I fighting for what’s already mines?!?!

Christ said it belongs to me so why would I keep playing tug-o-war with something that I KNOW is mines???

The thing is though...

if I let go of the rope and stop playing the game... the enemy falls and goes away (James 4:7)

The devil is not gone get up and pick up peace, but he’s gone keep walking because he really just wanted to play with me and throw me off so he could do with my mind what he pleases (1 Peter 5:8)... but that’s not what God ordained. God said resist & he will flee... NOT engage.

Sooo... Stop playing games to win what’s yours, it’s an illusion... it belongs to you! Drop the rope & walk away KNOWING you have the Peace of the Lord.

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