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The God of now...

I'm part of a faith community and the community as a whole has been fasting. During our fast, we've had prayer times and one is at 6am. My alarm went off for prayer and admittedly, I was still laying down, but I began to pray and one of the things I said in my prayer was "thank You for being the God of Tamia..." and I blew my own mind. I paused and was like "wow, I need to share this with someone." Let me pause here...

In my faith community, we also talked recently about owning our part in the relationship with God. Not only that we belong to Him, but also that He belongs to us. Most times, we as a people recognize God as our father and that's from a basic level. We know He's our father, but then there's the male figure that we'll build a relationship with and we would call them dad/daddy. The latter is the idea behind calling God Abba -- it's a term of endearment and that shows relationship.

Okay, unpause… so in my prayer when I said thank You for being the God of Tamia, I recognized that He isn’t just the God of those before us, but He’s the God of me… He is the God of now. This realization alone brought me peace because knowing that He is the same to me as He was to Daniel in the lions den, the 3 Hebrew boys, and even Abraham or Noah, means that He genuinely loves me and would do the same for me as He has already done for those before me.

He is the God of Tamia and the God of Tamia’s now… I recognized that I could take the same ownership of God, He wasn’t ancient or in the past, but He still moves the same way present day. So walk in peace knowing that God is the God of *insert your name here* and now.

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